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It was a dream, that I was

the Raven,

Black, sleek, forgotten

among the eagles

of this world,


I dreamt my wings

would spread, glide, love

the air between each feather,

but it was just a dream.


Only in the hollows

of the night,

I am the Raven,

so strong

my beak will break you,


Only in the twilight,

a tourist in my own dreams,

do I take on this noble form,

and peck




In the dusty corners

of each shadow,

I crow, all-black, I crow,

I am Kutkh, I create,

as I blend into the bruised skies.


But it was a dream,

and as dawn finds my mind,

I am no longer a damned soul of Berlin,

or a murdered ghost,

wandering Stockholm,


I am just pecking,

sharply pecking,

at my very own skin.

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